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CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue on “Strategic Management in the Media Industries” (Deadline 4/15/18)

Special Issue of the Journal of Media Business Studies 


Strategic Management in the Media Industries”

Special Issues Editor:

Sabine Baumann – Jade University, Germany


The media industries are going through a period of accelerating change, transformation and disruption driven by rapid technology developments. Obviously, these developments have profound effects on management strategies and industry development. Articles from media management and media economics scholars have studied the phenomenon mostly from empirical angles, while general and strategic management scholars have used media abundantly as a field of investigation for theory-building, but not for advancing insights about the functioning of the industries per se. What seems to be missing is a stronger scholarly exchange in order to tap into the mutual synergies by introducing advanced theories of strategic management to studies of media sectors.

The aim of this special issue on Strategic Management in the Media Industries is (1) to advance our understanding of the media industry by examining specificities of strategic management and strategy work in the media context, and (2) to shed light on the strategic approaches of media firms to manage the challenges and threats of a high-velocity business environment, in order to (3) advance strategic media management theory.

Specific topics of relevance to this special issue and upon which submissions are invited include, but are not limited to:

• How do ecosystems in the media industries differ from other industry sectors in terms of their strategic management?

• How does research on the specificities of the media industries challenge or expand theories in strategic management?

• How can media firms build and maintain competitive advantage in a changing world characterized by increasing uncertainty, complexity and competition?

• How can strategic management research in the areas of platform markets, networks, multi-sided markets, ambidexterity, sharing, and crowdfunding be applied to the media industries?

• How can theories from strategic management explain particular strategic leadership challenges faced by media companies?

• How can the strategic drivers of family firms and other ownership forms in the media industries be explained?

• What can other technology-driven industries affected by vertical unbundling and industry convergence learn from strategic management of media organizations?

The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2018. Please mark your submission as special issue submission. Questions regarding the special issue can be directed to the guest editor

Full details about the journal and the prescribed format for manuscript submissions can be found at:

Reminder: AEJMC Deadline Approaching & Tips on Submission

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As we are quickly approaching the AEJMC paper deadline, we wanted to gently remind paper submitters to please take the extra time to clean your papers of any self-identifying information. We want to enjoy the benefit of everyone’s research and avoid any disqualifications. One way to ensure this is to finish the paper 1-2 days before the deadline, providing enough time to double check before submission.
Here are some additional resources and tips:

1) See the “Removing Hidden Information from Microsoft Office Files” on the “Paper Presenter Resources” section of the AEJMC website located at

2) Remember, that the act of creating a .pdf can lead to the addition of author identifying properties, and therefore it is recommended you use the “Redact” tool in Adobe Acrobat to double check all .pdfs. The “Redact” tool presents two options for removing author info:

“Sanitize Document” or “Remove Hidden Information.”

3) Replace any in-text citation of your own work, or the work of a co-author with:

(cite withheld for blind review)

It is not necessary to provide the year of the withheld citation, as this could potentially tip off the reviewer to an author’s identity.

4) Remove any reference at the end of the document that is to your own work, or the work of a co-author. It is acceptable to remove the reference from the works cited completely, and add it back after the paper has been accepted. If you would prefer you could also list under the “C” section of your reference list:

Cite withheld for blind review. Reference information will be added pending paper acceptance.

5) Remove any reference to your institution from the document.

6) All submissions must be made via the All Academic system. Detailed information on how to submit your paper, and the full paper call can be found here:

If you have any other questions about self-identification or how to clean your paper that is not covered above, please do not hesitate to contact MMEE Research Co-Chairs Ronen Shay,, or Kelly Kaufhold,

We look forward to your submissions!

Sam Houston State University is Hiring

“FYI: We’ve got an associate/full professor of multiplatform journalism position open here at Sam Houston State University. We’re looking for a research-savvy scholar to work with graduate students in our growing MA program, and to work with research faculty like me. If you know of anyone who’s interested, or have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.” – Marcus Funk


Marcus: marcus.jfunk [at]

Call for Nominations


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1) 2018 Robert Picard Book Award

Know of a book or monograph published in the last year that has contributed to the field of media management, economics or entrepreneurship? Nominate it for the 2018 Robert Picard Award.

The Media Management, Economics & Entrepreneurship (MMEE) division of AEJMC is seeking nominations for the 2018 Robert Picard Award. The award honors the author(s) of a book or a monograph published during the previous year (2017) that makes a significant contribution to the field of media management, economics, or entrepreneurship.

Nominations must be submitted by May 1, 2018, to Immediate Past Head Axel Roepnack.  Each nomination must specify why the book or work is outstanding (outside reviewer statements will be considered along with nominator statements).

The award is named in honor of the MMEE division member and senior scholar Robert Picard of Oxford University. Last year the recipient was “Who Owns the World’s Media? Media Concentration and Ownership around the World” by Eli Noam and the International Media Concentration Collaboration.

AEJMC members are invited to nominate books or monographs for the award. Self-nominations are acceptable. To nominate a work, provide the following:

  • A written nomination with a complete citation (title, author, publisher, and year of publication of the book) and a short statement on the book’s contribution to the field of media management, economics, or entrepreneurship. (Nomination may be emailed to
  • Three copies of the work, whether book or monograph needs to be delivered by post.

The winners of the awards will be notified before the AEJMC annual convention in Washington, in August 2018. The award will be presented at the Media Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship Division’s annual members’ meeting.

Please send nominations by e-mail to

Please mail nomination packets to:

Axel Roepnack, PhD
Fordham University
Gabelli School of Business
140 W 62nd Street, Suite 350
1023 New York, NY

2) Barry Sherman Teaching Award

The Media Management, Economics & Entrepreneurship (MMEE) division of AEJMC is now seeking nominations for the Barry Sherman Teaching Award. This award recognizes excellence and innovation in the teaching of media management, economics, or entrepreneurship. Any division member is eligible for the award but may not nominate himself or herself. Nominations must be sent to Immediate Past Chair Axel Roepnack by May 1, 2018. Nominees will be contacted and asked to submit supporting material by May 26. Supporting materials will include:

  • Syllabi from one or two courses (graduate or undergraduate) devoted primarily to media management, media economics, or media entrepreneurship.
  • Up to three examples of supporting instructional materials in media management, economics, or entrepreneurship. The supporting materials should demonstrate evidence of teaching excellence or innovation.

The award honors the memory of Barry Sherman, who was Lambdin Kay Professor in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia at the time of his death in 2000. He served as director of the prestigious Peabody Awards from 1991-2000. During his 19 years at Georgia, the university honored Sherman twice for teaching excellence. In 1995, the International Radio and Television Society Foundation named him a Stanton Fellow for his “outstanding contribution to electronic media education.” The winner of the award will be notified before the AEJMC annual convention in Washington in August 2018, and the award will be presented at the Media Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship Division’s annual members’ meeting.

Please send nominations by e-mail to

Or by post to:

Axel Roepnack, PhD
Fordham University
Gabelli School of Business
140 W 62nd Street, Suite 350
1023 New York, NY

3) Professional Freedom and Responsibility Award 

Do you know of an individual or institution that deserves to be recognized for their efforts in the promotion of professional freedom and responsibility? Is there a company or organization in the Washington area that you think deserves recognition at our annual conference in August 2018? The Media Management, Economics & Entrepreneurship (MMEE) division of AEJMC is seeking nominations for the division’s Professional Freedom and Responsibility Award (PF&R).
The PF&R award recognizes excellence in the promotion of free expression; ethics; media criticism and accountability; racial, gender, and cultural inclusiveness; and public service, as it pertains to media management, economics, and entrepreneurship. The award is open to any person or institution–professional or academic–that makes significant contributions to public advocacy or has by their actions encouraged management practices that promote excellence in any of these five areas. The award recognizes actions by working management professionals, research, teaching or service activities, or any other relevant work.

The division is particularly interested in nominations of people or institutions with connections to Washington, the host city of the 2018 annual conference, where the award will be presented.
The award may be granted to significant contributions made in the preceding year or over a lifetime, at the discretion of the Named Awards Committee. If the nominee is a not a member of the MMEE Division, preference will be given to nominees from the region of each year’s annual convention. At its discretion, the Named Awards Committee may choose not to make a PF&R award in any year, if no suitable nominee is put forward. Self-nominations are not accepted for the PF&R award.

Nominations, along with any available supporting material, must be received (via mail or email), by the Division’s Immediate Past Head, Amy Jo Coffey, by the deadline of May 1, 2018. In addition to materials supplied by nominators, nominees might also be contacted and asked to submit supporting any material as quickly as possible after that date. Supporting materials may include, but are not limited to documents and texts pertaining to research, media advocacy or expert testimony, media coverage, and peer acknowledgment. The winner of the award will be notified well before this year’s AEJMC annual conference in Chicago, and the award will be presented at MMEE Division’s Members’ Meeting during the conference.

Please send nominations by e-mail to

Or by post to:

Axel Roepnack, PhD
Fordham University
Gabelli School of Business
140 W 62nd Street, Suite 350
1023 New York, NY

Survey of AEJMC Members

 Dear all, please see below for a short note from Daniela:

Hello, Media Management & Economics & Entrepreneurship Division members!

We are conducting a survey about the use of ResearchGate by mass communication scholars. If you use this academic social media platform, we ask that you take the brief survey here: ResearchGateInAcademia

 The survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and closes on March 15.

Thank you for your participation!

Raluca Cozma, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Associate Director of Graduate Studies and Research
A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications
Kansas State University

Daniela Dimitrova, Ph.D.
Professor and Director of Graduate Education
Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication
Iowa State University

AEJMC Reviewer Call 2018


The Media Management, Economics, and Entrepreneurship Division (MMEE) of AEJMC is on the lookout for reviewers for this year’s national convention in Washington D.C. New this year, we will be acknowledging the hard work of our dedicated reviewers by presenting a top reviewer award.

If you volunteer to be a judge, you will be assigned 3-5 papers to read and evaluate in mid- to late April. The judging process is blind and conducted online using the All Academic Web site. The number of papers assigned to each judge will depend on the number of papers submitted and the number of volunteer judges.

If you are interested please fill out the form located at:

Also, please make sure to create an account at the 2018 All Academic website located at: Even if you reviewed papers for us last year, a new account is needed, as the All-Academic website is unique each year.

If you are not sure whether you will be submitting a paper this year, please consider volunteering anyway, as we can always remove your name later. As always, being a reviewer for MMEE does not prevent you from submitting or reviewing for other divisions.

We would also appreciate if you considered sharing this form with colleagues who you feel can judge papers on media management, economics, or entrepreneurship. They do not need to be a member of the division to review. For questions about reviewing, contact MMEE Research Co-Chairs Ronen Shay,, or Kelly Kaufhold,

Thank you in advance for supporting the MMEE division, and for ensuring our members receive detailed feedback!

EMMA Doctoral Summer School 2018


Where: Bournemouth University, Faculty of Media & Communications, UK.

When: 4th-6th July, 2018 (Start: Wednesday 4th July 9am – End: Friday 6th July 5pm).

For whom: Doctoral students at all stages of their research and early-stage post-docs.

Held by: The Advances in Media Management (AiMM) research team lead by Dr John Oliver, in collaboration with academic colleagues from media management and leading UK media industry professionals.

For more info, see: EMMA_Summerschool 2018_Delegate Information

New Opportunities for Media Industry Research @ AEJMC 2018


As our division prepares to receive your submissions for the 2018 AEJMC conference in Washington D.C. August 6-9, 2018, we would like to make you aware of some new opportunities for research with professional implications.

AEJMC Research Prize for Professional Relevance

The 2016-18 AEJMC Presidential Task Force on Bridges to the Professions has established the AEJMC Research Prize for Professional Relevance to foster stronger ties between media professionals and educators. This award will recognize top AEJMC conference papers that bring newfound clarity and insight to emerging media industry practices, cultures and business imperatives. A committee of judges will select winning papers and invite winners to present their papers at the 2018 AEJMC conference in Washington, D.C. First prize will be awarded $1,000 and a certificate, while second and third prizes will be awarded certificates. If the winning paper has multiple authors, the prize will be distributed equally among co-authors.

The award will be administered via the normal AEJMC paper submission process. Divisions, commissions and interest groups will complete their own review process as usual and then forward their most promising accepted papers pertaining to professional relevance to the award committee, which will conduct a separate review process for the prize. All entries will be blind judged. Judges will not have access to any identifying information about authors. The judges reserve the right not to award prizes. Competition results will be announced by June 30, 2018. 

For more information on the AEJMC Research Prize for Professional Relevance and its eligibility criteria please visit:

MMEE Special Topic Competition

In the spirit of supporting the AEJMC Research Prize for Professional Relevance and its wider goal of fostering stronger ties between media practitioners and academics, we at MMEE are proud to announce our first special topics competition. This year when you log into AEJMC All-Academic, researchers submitting to MMEE will be able to choose between our traditional “open competition” and our new “special topic competition”. This year’s special topic competition will be dedicated to media industry research that addresses the topic of: Agencies. For example, appropriate submissions might include scholarship on best practices for creatives at public relations or advertising agencies, applied analytics, message testing, successful campaign results, and other media agency related topics. While all papers submitted to both the “open competition” and “special topic competition” are automatically eligible for the AEJMC Research Prize for Professional Relevance, authors who would like their submissions forwarded to the award committee are encouraged to include the keywords “professional relevance” when submitting papers to the conference.

For more information on both competitions please see the 2018 MMEE Call for Papers located at:

It is our hope that these new initiatives will offer you more choice while simultaneously shining a light on the strong media industry research being conducted by our membership. For questions about submissions, contact MMEE Research Co-Chairs Ronen Shay,, or Kelly Kaufhold,