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AEJMC16MMEE Members ~

Thanks for another great conference! So many of you gave in various ways, from organizing panels and speakers; serving as moderators, discussants or panelists; serving as reviewers in the paper competition; or presenting your research. Here are a few photos for those to reminisce. We had much to celebrate at the business meeting, including the top student and faculty research paper awards, to awarding Sabine Baumann with the 2016 Barry Sherman Teaching Award. We elected our new division officers, discussed some possible new initiatives (to be highlighted by Axel), and voted to move up the deadline for Named Awards nominations to February 15 of each year. This should encourage more submissions. We also celebrated meeting several of our goals set last year, including increased division membership (one of just two AEJMC divisions with YOY growth!), more international and graduate student outreach, and increased submissions and presentations at the Midwinter Conference. For further details, you may read the MMEE Division’s Annual Report.

Finally and on a somber note, we took some time to remember those we’ve lost. Our dear friend and PF&R chair for 2015-2016, Fred Schiff, unexpectedly passed away the week prior to AEJMC. His loss was felt by all of us, and he will be missed. After the meeting, we signed sympathy cards for Fred’s family and also that of John Dimmick, who we lost earlier this summer. We appreciate Fred and John for who they were and the valuable contributions they made. MMEE is the unique division it is, largely, because of the people behind it. That includes you!  Thank you for all you do, and how you do it. On this note, I want to thank each of the 2015-2016 executive board members for their hard work, and especially Axel Roepnack for his time and attention to this year’s conference as Program Chair. I look forward with excitement to his leadership as MMEE’s Incoming Chair and the ideas that our new executive board will generate.

With appreciation to all ~ Amy Jo

Members’ Meeting Agenda: Aug. 6

Welcome to Minneapolis, MMEE!  Hope you can take in everything the Media Management, Economics, and Entrepreneurship division has to offer. In addition to the highlights in the previous post, we look forward to seeing you at the MMEE members’ meeting Saturday night, Aug. 6, at 7pm in Marquette IV (social to follow). Here’s our agenda:

  • Welcome
  • Chair’s Report
    • Membership and Financials
    • Midwinter Conference
    • Minneapolis Conference Reports
    • Miscellaneous
  • Awards
    • Research Competition Award Presentations
    • Barry Sherman Teaching Award Presentation
  • Division Leadership
    • Thank you to 2015-2016 officers
    • Handover to Axel Roepnack, incoming division chair
    • Election of vice-chair and secretary
    • Appointment of other 2016-2017 officer roles
    • Officer training sessions and e-board meeting
  • New Business
    • Paper Submissions discussion
    • Named Awards discussion
    • Vote on 2020 AEJMC conference location
    • Other
  • Adjourn (social follows at 8:45pm, same room)

Please bring a guest to introduce them to the MMEE division (especially graduate students)! And, please consider volunteering for one of many exciting officer roles: https://mmedivision.wordpress.com/division-officers/   See you there!

MMEE in Minneapolis

We’re less than two weeks away from AEJMC 2016 in the Twin Cities and hope you’re looking forward to the lineup! We hope see you at our research, teaching, and industry sessions, as well as the MMEE division business meeting and social Saturday night. In addition to top MMEE refereed research showcased throughout the conference, here are a few other highlights to look forward to:

  • Teaching Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Mass Communication (Thurs. 1:30)
  • New and Emerging Business Models in Media Industries (Thurs. 3:15)
  • Big Data in the Media Industries (Sat. 1:45)
  • Research Grant Opportunities and Publishing Funded Research (Sat. 5:15)
  • MMEE members’ meeting (7pm Sat.) and social, sponsored by Taylor & Francis

If you’ve never served on the MMEE executive board, please consider it! Positions are listed here: https://mmedivision.wordpress.com/division-officers/ Elections will be held at MMEE’s Sat. evening members’ meeting. We encourage you to bring a newcomer to the meeting Saturday night, as it’s a great way to introduce others (especially graduate students) to our welcoming division, show them what we are about, and to grow membership. Then stay for refreshments and socializing with the MMEE family!

MMEE Pre-Conference Workshop: Teaching with Cases – August 3rd 2016

AEJMC-Logo-smallPre-conference Workshop: Teaching With Cases
Date: Wednesday, August 3, 2016, 8 a.m. to Noon
Fee: $20 Per Person
RSVP: http://aejmc.org/events/mpls16/pre-conference-workshops/

The Media Management Economics and Entrepreneurship Division will be hosting a pre-conference workshop entitled, Teaching With Cases, on August 3rd, 2016. This session will explore issues related to design and successful implementation of classes with the use of case studies.

In today’s fast paced environment, cases are one of the teaching methods that enable understanding of complex situations, high student engagement and embedding information that students observe during the course of study.  This workshop will focus on several aspects of teaching with cases: understanding the method, finding and choosing the cases, preparing for and using cases.

Discussion panelists will include C. A. Hollifield (Georgia), B. Mierzejewska (Fordham), G. Sylvie (Texas at Austin)  For additional information regarding this workshop contact: bmierzejewska@fordham.edu  To register for this workshop go to: https://aejmc2.wufoo.com/forms/mmee-aejmc-conference-workshop-form/

Farewell to a friend

It is with sadness that we share the passing this week of Dr. John Dimmick, a colleague and collaborator to many in the MMEE division. Some of you worked closely with him over the years, while others of us were strongly influenced by his work. Among his scholarly contributions was his book, Competition and Coexistence: The Theory of the Niche (2003), for which he won the Robert Picard Book Award from the MMEE division. He joined The Ohio State University in 1977. A link to his obituary can be found here . Yesterday, a former student of John’s, Dr. John Feaster of Rowan University, posted a touching tribute on the CRTNET listserv. I am re-posting it here with his permission, as I believe it is a wonderful reminder of the role we all play in shaping the next generation of scholars.  ~AJC

Obituary: Dr. John Dimmick

It is with great remorse that I share that Dr. John Dimmick passed away on Friday, May 20th. Thankfully, I am told that he was comfortable and surrounded by his family.

Dr. Dimmick earned his PhD at the University of Michigan in 1973 and served as an assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago before joining the faculty at the Ohio State University in 1977, where he served more than 30 years. He had a lucrative academic record, becoming a pioneer in the fields of media economics and communication studies.  Although his contributions to the scholarly literature were numerous, he was likely best known for adapting the theory of the niche, introducing the concept of gratification opportunities, and incorporating time geography into the study of media competition.

John was my mentor. Although I only knew him toward the end of his career, looking back on his achievements and in speaking with some of his other students, he was consistently a teacher first.  Many of his major scholarly contributions involved collaboration with students.

While some faculty use graduate collaboration as a means of creating a faster research pipeline, John never did this. He used research as a means to educate.  I am honored to be one of the students whose academic career was started through work under his guidance.

He showed me what it means to have a respectful but aggressive argument.

During my graduate studies, I recall another student in my cohort commenting, “You guys are always yelling in his office! Do you hate each other?”  What this person didn’t see was that although we would raise our voices at each other, getting passionate about the side we were taking, we had smiles on our faces.  My happiest memories of Dr. Dimmick were when we thoroughly disagreed on an issue and would aggressively dissect each other’s chain of logic. This theme of discussion began during my first meeting with him.  While some faculty try to avoid being blunt with first year MA students, he had no reservations about plainly saying, “John, you’re confused” in the first 15 minutes of speaking to me. Although I felt indignant at the time, he was totally correct and put me on a path to where I needed to be.  Every conversation with him, which became daily toward the end of my graduate studies, made me better.  Looking on my career thus far, I didn’t realize until recently how rare it would be to have a colleague who can so completely separate an attack on logic from an attack on character.

I am thankful that my last interaction with him a month ago on the telephone was like so many before. He had asked me to look at a draft of a paper, and as usual, we were butting heads over the feedback one was offering to the other.   Although I am greatly saddened to not have had many more conversations (both in the past and future), I wouldn’t choose any other way to have our final conversation. I could never be able to express how grateful I am for his influence in shaping me as a scholar and as a person.  He will be greatly missed.

John Feaster, PhD

Rowan University

MMEE Awards Deadline Extension

MMEE is extending the deadline for nominations for the Barry Sherman Teaching Award and the PF&R Award until May 15th.
Please help MMEE recognize an excellent teacher and an individual or organization who has promoted professional freedom and responsibility by nominating someone. In the last five years MMEE has handed out each award only once due to lack on nominations. One of our goals for this year is to increase nominations in both these awards.
Nominate someone for the:

Deadline for 2016 emma Doctoral Summer School Approaching


Applications for the European Media Management Association’s (emma) Doctoral Summer School are due by April 30, 2016.The formal call for participation can be accessed by clicking here. Doctoral students interested in participating should submit a synopsis of 3-5 pages describing their doctoral research project (incl. research question, method used/planned, theoretical perspective), a cover letter briefly outlining what they would like to get out of the summer school, and their CV to tim.hasenpusch@jade-hs.de

The Doctoral Summer School will be hosted at Jade University in Wilhelmshaven, Germany from July 25-29.  This summer school offers doctoral students an opportunity to deepen their understanding of media management theories & media entrepreneurship, while receiving individual feedback on their dissertation projects and research from international senior researchers.

AEJMC MMEE Award Nominations Sought

The Media Management, Economics & Entrepreneurship (MMEE) division of AEJMC is seeking nominations for several of its annual awards. Please take a moment to think about an individual or organization you can nominate for one of these honors:

  • PF&R Award – Do you know of an individual or institution that deserves to be recognized for their efforts in the promotion of professional freedom and responsibility? Is there a company or organization in the Minneapolis area that you think deserves recognition at our annual conference in August? Nominate someone for the PF&R Award.
  • Robert Picard Award – Know of a book or monograph published in the last year that has contributed to the field of media management, economics or entrepreneurship? Nominate it for the 2016 Robert Picard Award.
  • Barry Sherman Teaching Award – Know someone who is an excellent teacher of media management, economics, or entrepreneurship? Nominate someone for the Barry Sherman Teaching Award.

Nominations must be sent to Immediate Past Charlene Simmons by May 1, 2016. For for details on how to nominate someone for an award please follow the links above. Questions can be directed at Charlene-Simmons@utc.edu.

Faculty Seminar Opportunity

television academy

Applications for the Television Academy’s week-long faculty seminar will be accepted until June 30th 2016. The seminar will be held from November 7th-11th 2016 in Los Angeles, California. In total, 25 professors will be selected. All faculty in attendance will have the opportunity to meet with showrunners, directors, production teams, executives, and other industry professionals. Visits to studios, television shows, and sets are also scheduled. If you are interested in applying please visit:

AEJMC Paper Reminder

AEJMC-Logo-smallWe are quickly approaching the AEJMC paper deadline, and I wanted to gently remind paper submitters to please take the extra time to clean your papers of any self-identifying information. We want to enjoy the benefit of everyone’s research, so let’s try not to have any papers disqualified this year! One way to ensure this is to finish the paper 1-2 days before the deadline, providing enough time to double check before submission. Here are some additional resources and tips:

1) See the AEJMC website link with instructions on how to clean your papers and convert them to PDF files: http://www.aejmc.org/home/resources/research-resources/ Also FYI…double check the file’s identifying properties AFTER converting to PDF as well, as sometimes PDFs mysteriously “keep” identifying properties after conversion (I can attest to this from past personal experience).

2) Some of you will also understandably cite your own work, or that of co-authors, in your papers. Here is a recommended way to cite without self-identification:

For in-text citation: (Cite withheld for blind review, 2014)
References at end: Cite withheld for blind review (2014). Remaining reference information will be added pending paper acceptance.
(Can list all of these under “C” alphabetically in Reference list.)

3) As usual, you must submit your paper to the All Academic system. Detailed information on how to submit your paper, and the full paper call can be found here:

If you have any other questions about self-identification or how to clean your paper that is not covered in the above, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at geoffrey.graybeal@ttu.edu . Thanks for everyone’s participation in the process, and let’s make sure each paper receives full consideration. I look forward to your submissions.

All the best,

Geoffrey Graybeal
2016 Research Chair
Media Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship Division


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