2013-2014 Executive Committee

Bozena Mierzejewska
Fordham University

Immediate Past Head/Named Awards Chair
Ken Killebrew
University of South Florida (retired)

Vice Head/Convention Program Chair
Charlene Simmons
U. of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Research Chair/Paper Competition Chair
Amy Jo Coffey
University of Florida

Xiaoqun Zhang
Bowling Green State

Blog/Newsletter Editor
Jim Eggensperger
Iona College

PF&R Committee Chair
Amber Hinsley
St. Louis University

Teaching Committee Chair
Yan Yang
High Point University

International Service/Outreach Chairs
Kati Förster
Vienna University, Austria

Graduate Student Liaison
Magda Konieczna
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Bibliographer/ Community Outreach
Geoffrey Graybeal
Texas Tech University

Midwinter Conference Chair
Elanie Steyn
University of Oklahoma