From the Division Chair

Dear MME division members, we need to shift gears into the 21st Century.
For a long time, we have depended on the list serve to communicate and it worked pretty well.
But now we have a new opportunity and new technologies and I want your help in making them work.

For about a year, we have had a division web site/blog  and one of my goals as your chair is to take full advantage of the opportunities and advantages that such a site provides us. I personally am going to be active in communicating with members and am urging other members of the executive committee to do the same. In the future, the MME website will be the primary means of communication, supplemented by Twitter and Facebook postings.

If you have not signed up to receive notices of updates to the MME site, please go to it and sign up. It will be quick and will help us all communicate centrally and quickly. Here is the URL:
Listserve will be phased out within next months.

Thank you for your continuing support and membership in the Media Management and Economics division. I encourage you to explore this site and actively use it for posting your announcements or articles of interest to our group.
I look forward t working with you in the coming year and hopefully see you during our annual convention in Montreal, Canada.

Best wishes,

Bozena Mierzejewska