AEJMC 2014 is in planning. Conference website is up and running!

Media Management and Economics Division has is preparing a number of very interesting sessions (like we always do), so we hope many of you will join to listen to our panelists and join numerous discussions. MME Conference Chair Charlene Simmons, made a great job to put all of them together and to find so many co-sponsors of those sessions. Here is the first preview of what is going to come.

Teaching Panel: “The FCC, the Broadcasters, and a Spectrum Auction Experiment”   Wednesday, August 6 10 to 11:30a

Teaching Panel: “Teaching Compassion: Visuals, Convergence, and Strategies for Overseas Media Courses”
Wednesday, August 6 5 to 6:30p (co-sponsored with Visual Communication Division)

Research Panel: “Theorizing the Religious Media Marketplace: God, Media, and Money” Thursday,August 7 8:15 to 9:45a (co-sponsored with Religion and Media Interest Group)

Professional Freedom and Responsibility Panel: “Engaging the audience: How news organizations are coming out of the newsroom and finding new ways to connect” Thursday, August 7 11:45a to 1:15p  (Co-sponsored with Electronic News Division)

Professional Freedom and Responsibility Panel: “Bridging Cultures: Montreal’s Bilingual Publications”
Thursday, August 7 3:15 to 4:45p,  (Co-sponsored with Magazine Division)

Professional Freedom and Responsibility Panel: “Ethics of Media Business Models: What Shouldn’t be Happening but is Anyway”, Thursday, August 75 to 6:30p (Co-sponsored with Media Ethics Division)

Teaching Panel: “Whatever Ever Happened to Good Ol’ CUME, Shares and HUTs? Trying to Teach Audience Measurement When No One Knows What is Happening.“ Friday, August 8 3:30 to 5p (Co-sponsored with Entertainment Studies Interest Group)

There is still time to submit your paper!