Dear Colleagues,

We are updating the MME division website to incorporate more and the latest information. For the section on teaching, we are proposing the following initiatives. We would appreciate your feedback and participation.

1. Syllabus exchange
The MME division invites faculty to share a pdf version of their syllabi on courses related to media management and economics. It will become a resource exchange for all members. (For copyright reasons, we may ask the adopters to give proper citation for the original authors.) Such courses may include: audience analysis, media management, media economics, new media management, station management, programming etc. We would especially welcome syllabi that deal with new media, digital media and social media–these are the hot topics for teaching and research right now.

2. Textbook recommendations
It may difficult to find a good textbook for media management and economics courses because it is such a specialized area, so we propose a section for faculty members to make some recommendations on textbooks. Some of the classical ones are offering new editions, some textbooks may come from European countries that American scholars may not be aware of, and some may come from industry/professional publishing houses. We would ask publishers, authors and adopters of textbooks to provide some brief information on the publication, and links for purchase.

The MME division may also contact some publishing houses so they could promote new textbooks here.

3. Conferences and trainings for teaching MME.
Many of us benefit from going to academic conferences, but what about industry conventions, trainings, workshops, or even online courses? Since media management and economics is such a practical discipline, members may consider attending a variety of functions and trainings.
We would like to start a place for members to share their experiences on this. Such opportunities may include and are not limited to Natpe faculty fellowship, IRTS faculty fellowship, and so on.

If you want to engage in any of these areas send us an