Deadline 1 April, 11:59 P.M. (Central Daylight Time)

2014 Call for Papers: MME Division

The Media Management & Economics Division invites original research paper submissions to be considered for presentation at the 2014 AEJMC conference in Montreal, Canada, August 6-9, 2014. Researchers interested in any aspect of media management or media economics are encouraged to submit papers. The division welcomes the use of diverse theoretical and methodological approaches to relevant topics. Papers presented at the Midwinter Conference and then revised also are welcome for submission.

Faculty and student papers compete on equal footing. The division gives named awards to recognize the top three submissions from faculty, and the top three from graduate students (faculty members cannot be included on student competition papers). Top graduate papers also receive monetary awards to help offset the cost of attending the conference.

Some examples of relevant topics in media management and economics are: analysis of economic or management questions affecting media firms; media ownership, management and economic issues from the public-interest perspective (e.g., effects on reporting or content); historical discussions of interesting and important developments in the field; policy issues from a legal, regulatory or economic perspective; technology and its effects on management or economics; media business models; political economy; effects of changes in the environment where media firms operate; international and cross-cultural studies; the sociology and culture of media organizations; audience analysis, valuation, or measurement; media sales; teaching media management and economics; and other related topics.

Paper submissions should be a maximum of 25-pages, excluding references and tables. All papers must be submitted electronically at the AEJMC Web site to access the All Academic Web site available via the AEJMC Web site link. Papers must be uploaded to the All Academic Web server no later than 11:59 P.M. (Central Daylight Time) Tuesday, April 1, 2014. All submissions must follow the guidelines for the uniform call for all paper competitions.

Please remove all potentially identifying author information from submissions. Failure to do so will automatically disqualify the paper from consideration. Examples of information to be removed include citations of the author’s previous work, individually or with co-authors; related reference list information; and file properties. Instructions for how to remove identifying information from files can be found on the AEJMC web site. For questions about submissions, please contact Research Chair Amy Jo Coffey, University of Florida, at