TUESDAY, AUGUST 5, 1-4 p.m. (no charge)

Editors of refereed academic publications in media economics, media and religion, and media ethics will present a pre-conference afternoon panel at AEJMC 2014 in Montreal explaining:

1)    how best to submit research for possible publication,

2) the uniqueness, scope, and vision of each of their publications,

3) a behind-the-scenes view of editing, reviewing, and article selection to help answer the question “what are editors of scholarly journals looking for from contributors?”

4) how editors and contributors may together improve scholarship, research, and cooperation within their fields.

The journal editors listed below represent a cross-section of mass communication journals. Thus participants will receive information about how to be published in the journals that are represented that includes general information about standards for publication throughout the field. The panelists, discussant, and moderator will remain up to one hour following the panel (i.e. from 3-4 p.m.) to speak with and advise individuals who have questions and ideas for possible articles. For AEJMC conference registrants there is no charge for either the panel or the advising.

Participants should contact Dr. Tom Cooper (twcooper@comcast.net) to reserve a space.

This panel is part of a larger workshop entitled “Writing It Right for Academic and Scholarly Audiences” which includes a morning session focusing upon the mechanics of writing research. The workshop is tri-sponsored by the Media Management and Economics Division, the Media Ethics Division, and the Religion and Media Interest Group. Registration for the overall workshop is available at https://aejmc2.wufoo.com/forms/2014-mmec-etch-and-rmig-workshops/


     Hugh J. Martin, co-editor, JOURNAL OF MEDIA ECONOMICS, Ohio University

Patrick Plaisance, editor, JOURNAL OF MASS MEDIA ETHICS, Colorado State University

      Daniel Stout, co-editor, JOURNAL OF MEDIA AND RELIGION, Brigham Young University, Hawaii    

      Judith Buddenbaum , co-editor, JOURNAL OF MEDIA AND RELIGION, Professor Emerita, Colorado State University



Lee Wilkins, past editor, JOURNAL OF MASS MEDIA ETHICS, Wayne State University.



      Tom Cooper, Founding editor, Co-publisher, MEDIA ETHICS Magazine, Emerson College


(Panel co-created and advised by Clifford Christians who will not be able to attend AEJMC)