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Wednesday, Aug. 6: News Industry Challenges and Change (3:15-4:45pm)

Structural Changes in Communities and Newspaper Circulation in the Digital Age
Seok Ho Lee, University of Texas at Austin*

Stability or Rigidity: Management, Boards of Directors and the Newspaper Industry’s Financial Collapse
John Soloski, University of Georgia

Competition between Mobile News and Traditional News Media: A Longitudinal Analysis from 2010 to 2014
Mengchieh Jacie Yang, Texas State University

Mobile News Business Models: Promise or Pitfall?
Logan Molyneux, University of Texas at Austin
The Resilience of Journalists Who Remain: A Longitudinal Study of Technological and Economic Changes at Newspapers and Journalists’ Perceived Identities
Amber Hinsley, Saint Louis University**

Discussant: Hugh Martin, Ohio University
*First place student paper
**First place faculty paper
Friday, Aug. 8 (Scholar-to Scholar): Stakeholders and Opportunities (12:15-1:30pm)

Communication Trade Associations: Increased Value under Increased Competition?
Amy Sindik, Central Michigan University

Entrepreneurial Journalism: Shifting Journalistic Capital?
Tim Vos, University of Missouri
Jane Singer, City University London/University of Iowa

Free Newspapers in the United States: Alive and Kicking
James Ian Tennant, Mont Royal University

Is Traditional Media Losing Audience? Qianni Luo, Ohio University

What Motivates Online Shoppers to “Like” Brands’ Facebook Fan Pages?
Mohammad Abuljadail, Fang Wang, Liu Yang, Bowling Green State University

Discussant: Marianne Barrett, Arizona State University

Friday, Aug. 8: Content, Branding, and Consumption (5:15-6:45pm)

The Relationship between Twitter Use and Television Ratings A Content Analysis of Television Networks’ Twitter Sites
Yuan Wang, University of Alabama

Likes, Shares, and Comments: Examining the Relationship between Social Media Metrics and Brand Equity
Ronen Shay, University of Florida*

Repeat Consumption of Media Goods: Examining the Factors Affecting Repeat Theatrical Viewing of Movies
Byeng-Hee Chang, Sungkyunkwan University; Sang-Hyun Nam, Sungkyunkwan
University; Sylvia Chan-Olmsted, University of Florida; Hun Kim,
Sungkyunkwan University **

Brand Personalities of Video Game Consoles
Anthony Palomba, University of Florida

Media Brands as Symbolic Resources – An Audience-Centered Approach Kati Förster, University of Vienna; Sabine Baumann, Jade University; Katharina Kleinen-von Königslöw, University of Vienna

Discussant: Cindy Price Schultz, University of Wyoming

*Second place student paper
**Third place faculty paper
Saturday, Aug. 9: Emerging Media Spaces and Media Management Education (11:00am-12:30pm)

Gratification Niches of Blogs and Online Legacy News Media: A Study of Competition and Coexistence
Mohammad Yousuf and Peter Gade, University of Oklahoma*

Factors Affecting Mobile Application Usage: Exploring the Roles of Gender, Age, and Application Types
Kyung-Ho Hwang, Sungkyunkwan University; Sylvia Chan-Olmsted, University
of Florida; Sang-Hyun Nam, Sungkyunkwan University; Byeng-Hee Chang,
Sungkyunkwan University

Organizational Strategic Decision Processes at U.S. Newspapers: A Study of Mobile Business Model Innovation
Geoffrey Graybeal, Texas Tech University

Promoting and Branding of News on Twitter: An Examination of CNN International Michael North, University of Miami; Terry Bloom, University of Miami; Eisa al Nashmi, Kuwait University; Johanna Cleary, University of Florida

Media Management Education: Challenges, Key Themes and Pedagogies
Kati Förster, University of Vienna; Ulrike Rohn, University of Tartu

Discussant: George Sylvie, University of Texas at Austin

*Second place faculty paper
Saturday, Aug. 9: Competition, Regulation, and the Bottom Line (12:45-2:15pm)

The AM Radio Conundrum
Ian Punnett, Arizona State University*

Retransmission Consent and Television Blackouts: An Examination of Consumer
Gillian Wheat, University of Florida

Going Public: The Role of Public Relations in Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Jee-Young Chung, Southern Utah University

Factors Affecting Platform Selection between Offline Television and Online Video
Ronen Shay, University of Florida

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Strategy and the Financial Health of Internet Media
Huyen Nguyen, Ohio University

Discussant: Charlene Simmons, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
*Third place student paper

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