Dear Media Management and Economics Division Members,

For those of you who were fortunate enough to join us at the Annual Conference in Montreal, I hope that you will agree that we had a great conference. The Media Management and Economics division had lively and interactive panels, stimulating paper sessions and a fun division social. Our pre-conference workshops on writing and publishing have been very well received.

I was delighted to see many of you during our many events, discussing papers, debating important issues as well as celebrating winning papers and the recipients of the Picard Book Award. I want to thank you all for your support of the Division and our work on the annual program through your membership and participation. My year as Division Chair, which came to its end recently, was full of excellent people, inspiring ideas and great satisfaction.

I thank you for being part of the MME division and invite you to keep supporting our division and its leadership team, headed by the new MME Chair, Charlene Simmons. Please visit our website and sign up to the division newsletter


Bozena Mierzejewska
MME Past Immediate Chair