At the division’s business meeting a motion was put forward to change the division’s name from Media Management & Economics (MMEC) to Media Management, Economics & Entrepreneurship (MMEE). It is thought the name change would better reflect the diversity of our research, teaching, and PF&R interests and would help market the division to a larger audience.

According to the division’s by-laws, changing the name of the division requires a change to our by-laws. Changes to the by-laws must to be published 30 days before a vote can occur. Thus we were unable to vote on the name change at the business meeting.

Not wanting to delay the vote until August 2015 at the next business meeting, the division voted to conduct the name change vote online.

As such, this message serves as the 30 day notice for a suggested by-law change.

The motion to change to the by-laws is as follows:

Change Article I of the by-laws


“The name of this organization shall be Media Management and Economics Division.”


“The name of the organization shall be Media Management, Economics, and Entrepreneurship.”

I now open the floor for discussion of the proposed change to the by-laws. Please use the “reply” function of the blog post to add your thoughts. On September 25 discussion will close and electronic voting will open (more details on how to vote to come).