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Hi, Everyone–

A quick addendum to the earlier Call for Panels. In addition to your own original submissions, we have tentative interest from the following divisions who have approached us on the topics below. If any of these interest you, perhaps you can build on what’s already here (contact me for details) for a co-sponsored panel:

PF&R:  Online Gaming Industry (Entertainment Studies or Mass Comm & Society)

PF&R: Bollywood and Film Industry topics (Entertainment Studies)

Research:  Second Screen Usage (Comm Tech), or Improving Digital Tools

PF&R:  Entrepreneurship and start-up news sites/guidance for launching a start-up (Participatory Journalism)

PF&R: Entrepreneurship for scientists (helping computer scientists and other non-managers to launch a media business) (Advertising Div.)

Research:  Ethics and audience research (Entertainment Studies)

Ideas also welcome for off-site field trips, socials, or pre-conference workshops. In addition, please watch for details about making “global bridges.” Panels that create a global partnership of some kind may get us an extra chip!

Thank you in advance for your brilliant proposals and suggestions, and best wishes for a smooth start to the semester!

Amy Jo

2015 MME Program Chair