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The Media Management & Economics Division is excited to announce the division’s programming for the annual AEJMC Midwinter conference taking place on March 6 & 7 at the University of Oklahoma in Norman Oklahoma.

The division will present one panel, “Exploring New Issues in Media Management and Economics” featuring the following papers:

Deepa Fadnis, University of Texas at Austin, “A study of skills and education expertise in communications in the practice of investor relations at the entry-level”

Keith Herndon, University of Georgia, “No Economies of Size and Scale in the Newspaper Industry: Analysis of Industry Benchmarking Data Show Larger Newspapers No More Profitable Than Smaller Ones”

Yowei Kang, Kainan University & Chunh-Chaun Yang, University of Texas at El Paso, “Using Hybrid Interactive Rhetorical Engagement (H.I.R.E) Scales to Predict Social Media Advertising Game Effectiveness”

Seunghyun Kim, University of Oklahoma; Doyle Yoon, University of Oklahoma; Md. Nazmul Kabir Rony, University of Oklahoma; & Rahnuma Ahmed, University of Oklahoma, “Online News Sites and Native Advertising”

Stephen Perry, Regent University, “Stunts, Gimmicks, and Celebrity Guests: A Cast Study of Mid-1930s Practices”

The division is currently looking for volunteers to serve as moderator and/or discussant for this panel. If you plan on attending the Midwinter conference and would like to volunteer please contact Charlene Simmons (Charlene-Simmons@utc.edu).