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Hi, Everyone–

Just a reminder that our Googleplex off-site visit will open to all AEJMC members on Friday, May 1. So if you’d like to reserve a spot, do so not (registration link below)! You may also wish to register for our pre-conference Media Entrepreneurship workshop that we are conducting with the Participatory Journalism Interest Group. The Google trip is open exclusively to MMEC members for a limited time only, until May 1. After May 1, this event will open to all AEJMC members. A synopsis of each of our division’s pre-conference events is below.

Visit to Googleplex

Wednesday, August 5, 8:00am-3:00pm  ($40, limited to 29 participants, MMEC) 

Want to get a look inside of Google? Join the Media Management & Economics Division for a site visit to Google’s global headquarters. Learn about the latest developments in YouTube, Google Search and Google Play, and how they are changing the media industry globally, nationally and locally. Lunch provided, courtesy of Google. Shuttle bus will transport to and from the hotel (fee covers shuttle costs to and from Mountain View, CA). This off-site visit is open to MMEC members only until May 1, then will be open to all AEJMC members for remaining spots. To register for this event, go to  https://aejmc2.wufoo.com/forms/visit-to-googleplex-mmec/.  For questions, contact Louisa Ha at louisah@bgsu.edu .

(w3) The Media Entrepreneurship Mindset: Hacking the Ecosystem

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  $60 Fee (Participation limited to 100, includes breakfast and lunch)

Join us for a conversation and hackathon about building the media entrepreneurship mindset for students both inside and outside the classroom. In form and function, participants will experience the “startup culture” by working in teams to imagine new ways and places to build the entrepreneurial mindset. We’ll share models of what others are doing inside and outside the academy and then teams will develop and pitch their ideas. Participants will walk away with concrete ideas and materials for building the media entrepreneurship ecosystem at their institutions. For more information, contact Michelle Ferrier at ferrierm@ohio.edu or 740-593-9860. (PJIG, MMEC). To register, visit the AEJMC conference microsite: http://aejmc.org/events/sanfrancisco15/

More to come on MMEC panels and programming… see you in San Francisco!

Amy Jo Coffey, Ph.D.

2015 Program Chair and Vice-Head

Media Management & Economics Division