As you are planning your trip to AEJMC in San Francisco, please consider including this pre-conference panel on The Media Entrepreneurship Mindset: Hacking the Ecosystem on Wednesday, August 5, ALL DAY, sponsored by the Media Management and Economics Division and the Participatory Journalism Interest Group at the conference hotel.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ($60 registration fee includes breakfast and lunch)

The Media Entrepreneurship Mindset: Hacking the Ecosystem

Join us for a conversation and “hackathon” about building the media entrepreneurship mindset for students both inside and outside the classroom. In form and function, participants will experience the “startup culture” by working in teams to imagine new ways and places to build the entrepreneurial mindset. We’ll share models of what others are doing inside and outside the academy and then teams will develop and pitch ideas for ways to develop the entrepreneurial mindset. Participants will walk away with concrete ideas and materials for building the media entrepreneurship ecosystem at their institutions. For more information, contact Dr. Michelle Ferrier at ferrierm@ohio.edu or 740-593-9860.

Media Entrepreneurship Hackathon


  1. Expose new and experienced faculty members to the variety of ways students can engage in media entrepreneurship in and outside the classroom;
  2. Address the barriers/challenges to development of media entrepreneurship activities: Promotion/tenure; funding; faculty experience, etc.
  3. Provide faculty members with the experience of creating a “startup” around a media entrepreneurship idea by working in teams…modeling the structure and behaviors of student teams;
  4. Introduce faculty members to human-centered design techniques to create project ideas;
  5. Develop a community of faculty around specific ideas that serve institutions with different characteristics — small/large institutions, undergraduate/graduate, curricular/co-curricular and extracurricular; etc.
  6. Create a “compendium” of ways to develop the media entrepreneurship environment within and outside the university.