AEJMC in San Francisco will soon be upon us, and this also means elections and new opportunities to serve. You can help the Media Management and Economics Division have a successful 2015-2016 by volunteering to serve in a division leadership position.

MME is currently looking for volunteers to serve in the following roles for the coming year:

Research Chair/Paper Competition Chair (Oversees the annual research paper competition. After one year the research chair usually becomes in the Vice-Head/Convention Program Chair, and a year later the Head of the division, so this is a three-year commitment).


Newsletter/Blog Editor

PF&R Committee Chair

Teaching Committee Chair

International Service/Outreach Chair

Graduate Student Liaison

Bibliographer/Community Outreach

Midwinter Conference Chair

If you have questions or would to like to learn more about these leadership opportunities, please contact Charlene Simmons (the 2014-2015 Head) at