MMEE’s annual members meeting is tonight, Friday, at 8:30 in Sierra C (5th floor). 

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

Reports on:

  • Division Assessment 
  • Name Change 
  • Membership Numbers & Financials 
  • Midwinter Conference
  • COD updates
  • Conference Reports 

Division Leadership

  • Thank you to 2014-2015 officers
  • Hand over to Amy Jo Coffey, incoming head
  • Election of Vice Head and Secretary
  • Other 2015-2016 officers

New Business

  • Division dues
  • Vote on 2019 location
  • Membership input – Division’s Strengths and Weaknesses, suggested goals
  • By laws Updates?
  • How can we capitalize on the addition of entreneurship
  • Monograph, teaching, and PF&R Awards 
  • Midwinter Conference 
  • Teaching resource center 

A word from our social sponsors