As out-going head it’s time for me thank all those who served the MMEE division this year, from our exec committee, to our research paper reviewers, to our discussants and moderators. Without all of you, we would not have a division.

I would like to say a special thank you to Amy Jo Coffey and Axel Roepnack for putting together an excellent annual conference.

Axel oversaw the annual paper competition, a task that involves, among other things, recruiting and coordinating reviewers and paper submitters. Axel went above and beyond to ensure paper submitters properly removed all of their personal information, resulting in no papers being disqualified this year.

Amy Jo had the hardest task of all those involved in the division – planning the conference. From selecting and coordinating co-sponsorships for research, teaching, and PF&R panels, to putting together not one, but two pre-conferences (one involving an off-site field trip!), Amy Jo ensured we had a great conference in San Francisco.

It’s now time to hand everything over to Amy Jo Coffey, our incoming head. But as I leave, I ask all of you to think about possible nominations for our teaching, PF&R, and monograph awards. I’ll be calling for nominations early next spring, but it’s never too early to think about who to nominate. As we discussed at the member’s meeting, we haven’t awarded the Professional Freedom & Responsibility (PF&R) award in some time, so please spend the next few months thinking about an organization or individual who deserves recognition. In particular, are their organizations in Minneapolis (site of the next conference) that should be nominated? Mull it over and then be ready to make the nominations when I call for them in the Spring.

Charlene Simmons, out-going head