Here’s to you, MMEE!  Thanks to everyone for a remarkable 2015 AEJMC conference in San Francisco, our first as the newly named Media Management, Economics, and Entrepreneurship division. Some of this year’s highlights will soon be featured in a photo gallery here on our blog, but to recap some of our favorite MMEE moments:

  • Googleplex tour
  • Media entrepreneurship workshop
  • Great panels, from second screening and branding to entrepreneurship and MOOCs
  • Excellent research from students and faculty
  • Presentation of top paper awards, the Barry Sherman Teaching Award (to Angela Powers), and the Picard Book Award (to James Webster)
  • Members’ meeting, divisional SWOT analysis, great conversation about our goals as a division, and how to capitalize upon our “entrepreneurial moment”
  • Divisional social (thank you, Journal of Media Business Studies and University of Florida)
  • Successful 5-year division assessment by AEJMC leadership

Special thanks to…

  • Charlene Simmons for her leadership as chair of the division this past year, for shepherding our transition from MMEC to MMEE, for leading us through a successful 5-year divisional assessment, and for getting us on to social media!
  • Axel Roepnack for his work as research paper competition chair
  • All of our fabulous discussants, moderators, and panelists — we appreciate all of the time and energy you put into your roles.

Call for Photos

Ronen Shay, our blog/social media manager, is working on a photo gallery for our blog. If you’d like to share some of your favorite MMEE moments, please email these photos to him at . For those of you who took photos on the Googleplex tour, please either “cc” or run your photos first by Lousia Ha at, to ensure that they are approved by Google (for use anywhere—blog, social media, other).

Looking Forward

We all recognize the springboard moment we have with our new division name. We’d like to capitalize upon this by focusing on entrepreneurship in the coming year; conference programming for 2016 is one way to do that. Axel will be in touch soon about panel and pre-conference ideas for Minneapolis, as well as the process for submitting these, but please be brainstorming now, as we will need these ideas by late September.

As a division, we had a great conversation about our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and how these observations can guide us into the future. The e-board has reflected on these, and I’ll be sharing more as we go forward. Some of our mutual goals that can be acted upon now and help us to have an even stronger 2015-2016:

  • Tell other scholars and graduate students about how relevant and “accessible” our division is, and how their work may fit with MMEE. Encourage involvement and submissions.
  • Invite others to join MMEE who may not yet be members (free for grad students). You can do this easily online and share this link:
  • Reach out to colleagues in our business schools as well as in industry, who may not realize MMEE exists. Their research and ideas are welcome here!
  • Use MMEE’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to share relevant info with our division, promote your individual work (books, articles, etc.) and to encourage dialogue about the MMEE field and the division. (Ronen, as our blog/social media manager, can assist you if you like.)
  • Continue to invite and encourage involvement by our international colleagues, including those in organizations such as EMMA, and universities/schools outside of the U.S.
  • Be thinking about potential recipients of PF&R award for next year, as well as teaching and book award nominees

Minutes from this year’s MMEE membership meeting will soon be posted online in the Archives section. On behalf of the 2015-2016 MMEE executive board, we look forward to serving you and the interests of the MMEE division this year.

Amy Jo Coffey

Incoming chair, MMEE division