The International Journal on Media Management

Special Issue Call for Papers: Big Data and Media Management

Deadline: 14 December 2015

Enthusiasm, concern, and uncertainty about big data have permeated virtually every industry sector and sphere of government.  The field of media management is no exception.  Big data is playing an increasingly influential role in all sectors of the media, impacting how media organizations analyze audiences; produce, distribute, and market content; formulate and evaluate strategy and tactics; and even reconfigure their business models.  Contemporary media organizations are both producers and users of big data.  Interactive media platforms represent some of the most important ways by which large scale databases are produced.  Further, the promise of big data speaks directly to the uncertainties of audience demand that have long permeated virtually every media industry sector.

This special issue seeks to showcase research that employs big data to address media management questions; that analyzes the uses of big data in the media management sphere; or that explores the broader implications of how big data use (or misuse) might transform how media is produced, distributed, marketed, or consumed.

  • This special issue seeks to feature a wide range of theoretical, methodological, and disciplinary perspectives.
  • Specific areas of interest for this special issue include, but are not limited to:
  • Big data and the potential transformation of audience measurement
  • Big data and algorithmic decision-making in media production and consumption
  • Ethical and policy issues surrounding the use of big data in media management contexts
  • The role of big data production and marketing in the economics, business models, and strategy of contemporary media organizations
  • The impact of big data on the future of media professions
  • Big data’s potential for uncertainty reduction in predicting audience tastes and preferences
  • Historical context for big data’s role in media management
  • Privacy issues related to the use of big data in media management
  • The social and cultural implications of the use of big data in media management
  • Ethnographic research on the usage of big data in media management contexts
  • Promise versus performance in the use of big data in media management

Submission Instructions
If authors  have  any  questions regarding the suitability of their work  for this special issue,  whether topical  or methodological, they should  not  hesitate to contact  guest  editor  Philip Napoli  at phil.napoli@rutgers.edu, or journal  editor  Bozena  Mierzejewska at jmm-journal@unisg.ch.

Articles will be evaluated on their general merit, contribution to new knowledge, and  relevance to the topic  “Big Data and Media Management.”  Manuscripts that meet the scope  of this special issue  will  be peer-reviewed by two to three reviewers. All submissions must conform to academic standards, be original, and not be published nor under review elsewhere. Submissions must be in English and should  be no longer than  6,000  words.  Articles  must  be  submitted via  the electronic submission system  at:http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/hijm. 

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