12th World Media Economics and Media Management Conference
Theme: Global Media – Local Entrepreneurs
May 2-6, 2016, New York, USA (

Deadline for paper submissions:  November 15, 2015
The World Media Economics and Management Conference is a biennial meeting that brings together leading scholars from around the world to reflect on contemporary issues in the economics and management of media industries and firms. Established in 1994, the conference has previously met in Sweden, Switzerland, U.K., Spain, Portugal, Finland, Canada, China, Colombia, Greece, and Brazil.
The 12th edition of the conference is taking place of the first time in the United States, and it comes directly to the capital of media and entertainment business: New York City.
Hosted by Fordham University, the conference provides attendees the opportunity to exchange ideas, present their original research, and strengthen connections with peers and industry experts.

Conference Theme
‘Global Media – Local Entrepreneurs’
In the era of global media products and brands, media companies engage in global trade, distribution and financing of media. Digitization and changing media usage patterns create enormous economic and managerial challenges for legacy media organizations. While new modes of communication and digital technologies are reducing the importance of distance and the nation-state, opportunities for global expansion are increasing. With increasing globalization many of the media economics and management issues around the world become similar.
The Internet has brought major disruption to the media industry; it not only challenged many established news and entertainment businesses, but also at the same time created new opportunities for new type of media business – originated in digital only format with global distribution in mind. The disruptive nature of the Internet, open source technologies and low barriers to entry is prompting a shift of power from large media conglomerates towards smaller organizations and entrepreneurial individuals.
This is the context framing the 2016 World Media Economics and Management Conference. Our thematic focus is on economic, social and technological aspects of media economics and managing media companies.
The 2016 World Media Economics and Management Conference invites scholarly and original submissions that build on the previous work and contribute to new knowledge in the field of media economics and media management. We are calling for submissions that develop and apply novel methods and theories. We welcome both quantitative and qualitative work that crosses interdisciplinary boundaries and expands our understanding of the current and future trends in economics and managing media companies.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
• Global issues in managing media companies
• Entrepreneurship within media sectors
• Media and cultural industries in the digital era
• The economics of public and community driven media
• Strategic management and leadership in media organizations
• Media policy and regulation around the world
• Navigating change management in global and local media organizations
• Role of social media in media product development and media distribution
• Trends in media consumption patterns
• Audience measurement and forecasting
• Big data in understanding consumers and product development
• Innovations in business model development
• Finance in media business: corporate, venture, crowdfunding and nonprofit media
• Media brands and branded media
• Media workers and media creators – changing demand for skills and competencies
• Media entrepreneurs and start ups
• Media discovery – challenges in marketing of media products
• Adoption and innovation patterns
• Role of media organizations in society, politics, and culture
• Ethical issues in managing media
• Media and sports
• Different traditions in media economics and management research (geographical and methodological differences)
• Issues in pedagogy of media economics and media management