Happy Spring to our members! A quick update from your chair on all things MMEE…

  • We had one of our best Midwinter Conference participation rates in recent years, thanks to the hard work of Midwinter chair Marcus Funk and helpful recruiting efforts by Graduate Student liaison Snow Dong. There were 16 paper submissions with 7 acceptances. This higher submission rate met one of our division goals from August. Marcus reports that attendance was also strong at our sessions. Thank you to everyone for making this a success, including our reviewers!
  • Our international outreach has grown, thanks to Sonia Huang, who designed a new MMEE division brochure and had versions produced in English and Chinese. Spanish version is on the way!
  • With the April 1 AEJMC paper deadline around the corner, you can help MMEE meet another one of its outreach goals by encouraging both our international colleagues, as well as business school colleagues, to submit. The paper call is on this blog, along with a link to language you can use to invite business school friends: https://mmedivision.wordpress.com/2016/01/22/aejmc-2016-call-for-papers-mmee-division/
  • Speaking of paper submissions, we need reviewers! We take this role seriously in MMEE, and value the time and quality of feedback our reviewers provide. If you are willing to serve as a paper reviewer this year, please fill out the form here: http://goo.gl/forms/reS6b2Hq2p . This is also the link to volunteer as a moderator or discussant for our sessions. Questions? Please contact Research Chair Geoffrey Graybeal at geoffrey.graybeal@ttu.edu.
  • We have an exciting content line-up in the works for Minneapolis, thanks to Program Chair Axel Roepnack, with some of our panels emphasizing the new “Entrepreneurship” component of our division. Please encourage your colleagues interested in this area to check us out, and better yet, become an MMEE member: https://aejmc2.wufoo.com/forms/201516-aejmc-division-and-interest-group-signup/
  • Finally, other MMEE goals this year were to have plenty of nominations for our named awards (deadline May 1), including the PF&R Award, the Barry Sherman Teaching Award, and the Robert Picard Award for book or monograph. Questions? Contact Charlene Simmons, named awards chair, at Charlene-Simmons@utc.edu .

We are looking forward to AEJMC 2016 in Minneapolis! Please help spread the word about MMEE and tell others how their work fits in. Most of us in MMEE are here because someone first invited us—maybe as a graduate student. Let’s pay it forward and do the same, ensuring a rich future for the Media Management, Economics, & Entrepreneurship division. Thanks to each of you for your dedication and energy toward our field and one another!

Amy Jo Coffey

Chair, MMEE Division