AEJMC-Logo-smallWe are quickly approaching the AEJMC paper deadline, and I wanted to gently remind paper submitters to please take the extra time to clean your papers of any self-identifying information. We want to enjoy the benefit of everyone’s research, so let’s try not to have any papers disqualified this year! One way to ensure this is to finish the paper 1-2 days before the deadline, providing enough time to double check before submission. Here are some additional resources and tips:

1) See the AEJMC website link with instructions on how to clean your papers and convert them to PDF files: Also FYI…double check the file’s identifying properties AFTER converting to PDF as well, as sometimes PDFs mysteriously “keep” identifying properties after conversion (I can attest to this from past personal experience).

2) Some of you will also understandably cite your own work, or that of co-authors, in your papers. Here is a recommended way to cite without self-identification:

For in-text citation: (Cite withheld for blind review, 2014)
References at end: Cite withheld for blind review (2014). Remaining reference information will be added pending paper acceptance.
(Can list all of these under “C” alphabetically in Reference list.)

3) As usual, you must submit your paper to the All Academic system. Detailed information on how to submit your paper, and the full paper call can be found here:

If you have any other questions about self-identification or how to clean your paper that is not covered in the above, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at . Thanks for everyone’s participation in the process, and let’s make sure each paper receives full consideration. I look forward to your submissions.

All the best,

Geoffrey Graybeal
2016 Research Chair
Media Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship Division