We havoklahoma_sooners_logo-svge four exciting papers that will be presented in our session, “Challenges in Media Management,” and we’re looking for a panel moderator and discussant. If you’re going to the conference and can fill one of these positions, please contact MMEE Midwinter Chair Amber Hinsley at ahinsley@slu.edu as soon as possible. (Reminder: Being a discussant or moderator is easy, helpful professional service!) Congratulations to the authors of our accepted papers:

How does global media adapt to the Chinese market? Problems and solutions
Qian Yu (Texas State University)

The Price of Outsourcing: A Case Study of the Effects of Early Deadlines on the Sports Section in the Oklahoman
Stanley Ketterer (Oklahoma State University)
John McGuire (Oklahoma State University)
Ray Murray (Oklahoma State University)

An Examination of the Attitudes and Practices of Mass Communication Programs Regarding Unpaid Student Internships
Joey Senat (Oklahoma State University)
Stanley Ketterer (Oklahoma State University)
John McGuire (Oklahoma State University)

Challenges and Opportunities of Media Organizations in 21st Century: A Bangladeshi Perspective
Sohana Nasrin (University of Oklahoma)

* The AEJMC Midwinter Conference is March 3-4 at the University of Oklahoma.

Also, the Public Relations Division is doing a cross-conference panel at Midwinter on helping graduate students and new faculty navigate the pressures of academia. The division is looking for panelists. If you would like to volunteer, contact Juan Meng (jmeng@uga.edu) ASAP.

The session description: The early stages of academia can often see a great deal of pressure. From teaching new and unfamiliar classes, the need to show commitment and interest to service, and the need to continue an active research program, the early stages of an academic career run a high risk of burnout. This session is designed to offer graduate students and early professionals some tips on overcoming these challenges, helping them prioritize their work and launch a successful career in academia.