The Media Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship Division welcomes panel proposals for the 2018 AEJMC convention in Washington, D.C.

Panel proposals can be on any topic relevant to media management, economics and entrepreneurship (with an emphasis on media topics). Proposals can also be for mini-plenary and off-site sessions, or for pre-convention workshops (Scheduled for SUNDAY, August 5). All MMEE members are encouraged to submit proposals in any area of expertise and interest.

The deadline for submitting all proposals is Saturday, September 30. Proposals will be reviewed and ranked by the division’s executive board. Please follow these guidelines when submitting a proposal:

• Identify your convention panel as addressing one of three areas: research, professional freedom and responsibility, or teaching.
• Panels and other sessions can be co-sponsored with other divisions. Co-sponsorship increases MMEE’s ability to schedule sessions during the best available times, which broadens the appeal of the sessions. So be sure to identify divisions or interest groups that might be interested in co-sponsoring your proposals. It would be preferable if you have spoken with someone from the division about your proposal, but not necessary.
• Panels can include members who work at media companies, universities, and other organizations near the Washington D.C. area. Potential panelists who work in the area should be identified in the proposal.
• The convention will be at the Renaissance, Washington D.C., August 6-9, 2018.


All proposal submissions should be made using the Google form:

This template includes sections for all the information required by AEJMC. The standardization ensures each proposal receives the same consideration.


Please try to provide a complete a list of potential panelists. If changes are necessary, they can be made later. Try to bring together the best speakers for your topic by drawing from a broad and inclusive list of possibilities. We strongly urge you to embrace the diversity of AEJMC’s growing membership and of other organizations where you may find panelists. Remember to include the diversity information in the space provided.


The MMEE Executive Board will review panel proposals and rank them. A final slate of the division’s proposals will be submitted to AEJMC in mid-October. You will be notified of the results.


Please submit your panel proposals using the Google form link by September 30, 2018. Again, the URL is

If you have any questions about preparing your panel proposal, please email Sabine Baumann, 2018 MMEE Conference Program Chair at