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As we are quickly approaching the AEJMC paper deadline, we wanted to gently remind paper submitters to please take the extra time to clean your papers of any self-identifying information. We want to enjoy the benefit of everyone’s research and avoid any disqualifications. One way to ensure this is to finish the paper 1-2 days before the deadline, providing enough time to double check before submission.
Here are some additional resources and tips:

1) See the “Removing Hidden Information from Microsoft Office Files” on the “Paper Presenter Resources” section of the AEJMC website located at

2) Remember, that the act of creating a .pdf can lead to the addition of author identifying properties, and therefore it is recommended you use the “Redact” tool in Adobe Acrobat to double check all .pdfs. The “Redact” tool presents two options for removing author info:

“Sanitize Document” or “Remove Hidden Information.”

3) Replace any in-text citation of your own work, or the work of a co-author with:

(cite withheld for blind review)

It is not necessary to provide the year of the withheld citation, as this could potentially tip off the reviewer to an author’s identity.

4) Remove any reference at the end of the document that is to your own work, or the work of a co-author. It is acceptable to remove the reference from the works cited completely, and add it back after the paper has been accepted. If you would prefer you could also list under the “C” section of your reference list:

Cite withheld for blind review. Reference information will be added pending paper acceptance.

5) Remove any reference to your institution from the document.

6) All submissions must be made via the All Academic system. Detailed information on how to submit your paper, and the full paper call can be found here:

If you have any other questions about self-identification or how to clean your paper that is not covered above, please do not hesitate to contact MMEE Research Co-Chairs Ronen Shay,, or Kelly Kaufhold,

We look forward to your submissions!