Student, teacher, and staff exchanges and partnerships are an important part of academia. The European Media Management Association (emma) wants to facilitate the establishment of such cooperative arrangements in the field of media management, economics and entrepreneurship. The emma Executive Board plans to develop a booklet that contains the information needed to find potential partners for student, teacher, and staff exchanges and partnerships.

In order to gather the relevant information, we need your help. We have prepared an easy-to-answer questionnaire to find out which universities offer study programs, specializations, or even single modules in media management, economics, and media entrepreneurship.

To answer a number of requests we have updated and extended our questionnaire to also include student, teacher, and staff exchanges outside the ERASMUS scheme. So if your institution is outside Europe and/or not a member of the ERASMUS scheme, please join in. We aim at collecting as much information as possible regarding media management programs and courses in and outside of Europe.

You can access the questionnaire here:

Answers are due by May 9 at the latest.

If you have any questions regarding the planned booklet, please contact Sabine Baumann,

The emma Executive Board looks forward to receiving your answers!