The development of education in media management, economics, and entrepreneurship is a major issue of the division. We thus provide a forum for discussing challenges, teaching methods, concepts and visions for education in this field.

Each year the MMEE division supports teaching through several activities including:

  • teaching themed sessions during the annual AEJMC conference
  • the awarding of the Barry Sherman Teaching Award
  • hosting of an online teaching resource center

Recent Teaching Sessions

  • Diversity Teaching through Entrepreneurship (AEJMC 2019 Preconference co-sponsored with the Minorities and Communication division)
  • Agency, In-house, or On Your Own? The Virtues of Teaching Entrepreneurship to Students (AEJMC 2019 conference panel co-sponsored with the Mass Communication and Society division)
  • It’s Never Been Easier to Adopt or Write a Free Online Textbook: The World of Open Educational Resources (OERs) (AEJMC 2019 conference panel co-sponsored with the Scholastic Journalism division)
  • Social Media Management: Teaching Data Analytics, Social Media Marketing, and Content Strategy (AEJMC 2019 conference panel co-sponsored with the Communication Technology division)
  • “Teaching the Business of Community Journalism in the 21st Century” (AEJMC 2017)
  • “Teaching Audience Analytics” (AEJMC 2017)
  • “Teaching Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Mass Communication” (AEJMC 2016)
  • “Preparing Global Leaders in Journalism and Mass Communication” (AEJMC 2015)
  • “Open Educational Resources (OER) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – How New Platforms are Changing Universities” (AEJMC 2015)
  • “Film and Television Festivals: Changing Visual Landscapes” (AEJMC 2014)
  • “Whatever Happened to Good Ol’ CUME, Shares and HUTs? Trying to Teach Audience Measurement When No One Knows What is Happening” (AEJMC 2014)
  • “Diversity in Curriculum: Teaching Media Management in a Variety of Courses” (AEJMC 2013)
  • “Teaching Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Journalism Programs” (AEJMC 2011)
  • “Journalists and Numbers: They Can Mix” (AEJMC 2010)
  • “Sherman’s Best: Teaching Tips from Past Barry Sherman Teaching Award Winners” (AEJMC 2010)

Barry Sherman Teaching Award

Each year we also award the Barry Sherman Teaching Award. The award honors the memory of Barry Sherman, who was Lambdin Kay Professor in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia at the time of his death in 2000. He served as director of the prestigious Peabody Awards from 1991-2000. During his 19 years at Georgia, the university honored Sherman twice for teaching excellence. In 1996, the International Radio and Television Society Foundation named him a Stanton Fellow for his “outstanding contribution to electronic media education.”

Previous recipients include:

  • 2017: Philip Napoli, Duke University
  • 2016: Sabine Baumann, Jade University
  • 2015: Angela Powers, Kansas State University
  • 2010: Bozena Mierzejewska, University of St. Gallen
  • Richard Gershon
  • C. Ann Hollifield
  • Louisa Ha
  • James Gentry
  • Walter McDowell

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