Division Officers

2019-2020 Executive Committee

Head: Ronen Shay, Fordham University, roshay@fordham.edu
Vice-Head/Program Chair: Jiyoung Cha, San Francisco State, jycha@sfsu.edu
PF&R Committee Chair: Allie Kosterich, Fordham University, allie.kosterich@gmail.com
Research Committee Co-Chair: Anthony Palomba, St. John’s University, apalomba87@gmail.com
Research Committee Co-Chair: Miao Guo, Ball State University, mmguo@bsu.edu
Teaching Committee Chair: Jenna Grzeslo, SUNY New Paltz, grzesloj@newpaltz.edu
Secretary: Arien Rozelle, St. John Fisher College, arozelle@sjfc.edu
Communications Chair: Todd Holmes, California State University Northridge, todd.holmes@csun.edu
Graduate Student Liaison: Sohana Nasrin, University of Maryland, sohana@terpmail.umd.edu
International Outreach Chair: Mohammad Yousuf, University of New Mexico, myousuf@unm.edu
Immediate Past Head/Named Awards Chair: Sabine Baumann, Jade University, sabine.baumann@jade-hs.de

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