Division Awards

Barry Sherman Teaching Award

The award honors the memory of Barry Sherman, who was Lambdin Kay Professor in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia at the time of his death in 2000. He served as director of the prestigious Peabody Awards from 1991-2000. During his 19 years at Georgia, the university honored Sherman twice for teaching excellence. In 1995, the International Radio and Television Society Foundation named him a Stanton Fellow for his “outstanding contribution to electronic media education.”

Previous recipients include:

  • 2019: Todd Chambers, Texas Tech University
  • 2018: Pat Phalen, The Goerge Washington University
  • 2017: Philip Napoli, Duke University
  • 2016: Sabine Baumann, Jade University
  • 2015: Angela Powers, Kansas State
  • 2011: Iris Chyi, University of Texas at Austin
  • 2010: Bozena Mierzejewska, University of St. Gallen
  • 2009: Walter McDowell, Miami
  • 2008: James Gentry, Kansas
  • 2007: Alan Albarran, North Texas
  • 2004: Louisa Ha, Bowling Green
  • 2003: C. Ann Hollifield, Georgia
  • 2002: Sylvia Chan-Olmsted, Florida
  • 2001: Richard Gershon, Western Michigan

Robert Picard Award for Book and Monographs

The award is named in honor of Division member and senior scholar Robert Picard of Oxford University to honor the author(s) of a book or a monograph published during the previous year that makes a significant contribution to the field of media management, economics and entrepreneurship. Nominations shall be due by February 15 each year. To be eligible, published texts must hold copyright from the previous year.

Recent winners include:

  • 2019: “Handbook of Media Management and Economics” (2nd ed.), edited by Alan B. Albarran, Bozena I. Mierzejewska, & Jaemin Jung, New York: Routledge.
  • 2018: Mike Rosenburg & Philip H. Seager, IESE Business School, “Managing Media Business: A Game Plan to Navigate Disruption and Uncertainty
  • 2017: Eli Noam and International Media Concentration Collaboration, “Who Owns the Media? Media Concentration and Ownership around the World,” 2016 imprint.
  • 2015: James Webster’s, “The Marketplace of Attention: How Audience Take Shape in a Digital Age,” 2014 imprint.
  • 2014: “The Social Media Industries” edited by Alan Albarran, New York: Routledge, 2013 imprint.
  • 2013: George Sylvie’s,” Newsroom Decision-Making: Under New Management,” 2012 imprint.
  • 2011: Mark Deuze’s, “Managing Media Work,” 2010 imprint.

Professional Freedom and Responsibility Award

The MMEE PF&R Award recognizes excellence in the promotion of free expression; ethics; media criticism and accountability; racial, gender, and cultural inclusiveness; and public service, as it pertains to media management, economics, and entrepreneurship. The award is open to any person or institution, professional or academic that makes significant contributions to public advocacy for or has by their actions encouraged management practices that promote excellence in any of the five areas. The award recognizes actions by working management professionals, research, teaching or service activities, or any other relevant work.

The award may be granted to significant contributions made in the preceding year or over a lifetime, at the discretion of the Named Awards Committee. If the nominee is a not a member of the MME Division, preference will be given to nominees from the region of each year’s annual convention. At its discretion, the Named Awards Committee may choose not to make a PF&R award in any year, if no suitable nominee is put forward. Self-nominations are not accepted for the PF&R award.

Past winners include:

  • 2019: TrollBusters
  • 2013:Aaron Kushner, CEO, Freedom Communications; CEO, 2100 Trust and Publisher, Orange County Register  and Eric Spitz, President, Freedom Communications and President, 2100 Trust
  • 2010: The Cable Center

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